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The New App for Pool Fence Compliance & Safety Inspectors.

Sign up for a free 14 day trial on the new Pool Fence Compliance App. Available now in Queensland!.

Helping you work faster and with ease

The ultimate app for pool fence compliance inspectors, pool safety consultants, and the office team.

Designed for on-the-go use!
Mobiles Tablets Desktops

The Pool Fence Compliance app works on all devices using your web browser. With offline capability built-in!

Designed To The Needs of Multiple User Roles

Managers, Admins and Inspectors get the tools & info they need to efficiently perform their role in the organisation.

For Managers

Save time and hassle in the day-to-day scheduling and coordination with your inspectors.

Easily delegate jobs to inspectors

Use a simple drop down selector to allocate jobs in an instant to your inspectors.

See schedule for all your inspectors

On the dashboard get a overview of all your inspectors jobs in chronological order.

Records keeping and auditing

See when your inspectors have signed off on a job, view their notes, documentation & photos, and view all PDF forms they've generated. Everything's synced up instantly, no more cumbersome emailing and storing of files on your computer.

Detailed job logging

Every job has a read-only log associated with it. Who created the job? Was the job created as a reinspection from another job? When the customer was sent their SMS notification. When the inspector arrived on-site. When the inspector generated PDF documents.

For Inspectors

Get on with doing the real work of safety & compliance inspections and save yourself time doing paperwork.

A birds eye view

Satellite map view at the top of every job to see exactly where the pool is on premises.

Reminder SMS for customers

Inspection customer will automatically be sent a text message reminder the day before.

Know your schedule

See your daily schedule at a glance with all customer contact info and maps navigation available at the tab of a button.

Automatic Form Generation

On the job, complete the questionnaire once and automatically have all your form 26 details filled out, any local governance forms, and a general PDF summary form. All photos and legislation diagrams will automatically be inserted too!


How many users can my organisation have?

Unlike some applications we do not impose any limitation on the number of users your organisation can have. Our app is designed to handle any number of users without any performance degradation. While we do not impose any maximum users limitations, some of the apps we let you sync with do have such limits. When syncing your employees schedule to Xero payroll there is a 200 employees limit imposed by Xero.

What is are photos & attachments size limit?

We don't have any quota or overall limits imposed on your photos and attachments storage size on jobs or the entire organisation and the app is designed to handle an unlimited number of files without performance degradation however we do impose a 25 MB individual size limit on photos & attachments due to that being the standard size limit of an email. 25 MB is actually very large with respect to phots and documents so we'd expect nobody to encounter this limitation when attaching files & photos to a job. For context most full-quality photos from the latest iPhone is only 4 MB.

Contact us

[email protected] 0415 148 313

Service and support between 8am — 6pm.